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Free Zakir Majeed Baloch PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 23 February 2012 18:45
Zakir Majeed Baloch the senior vice chairman of BSO-Azaad is missing  after being unlawfully detained by dreaded Pakistan Para-military force  Frontier Corps (FC) and the Intelligence agencies since June 8, 2009.
The family of the Baloch student say that they are not aware of his where about and his condition in which he is being held
Last Updated on Thursday, 23 February 2012 18:51
We only support morally and politically to Baloch Insurgency: Basheer Zaib Chairman BSO-Azad PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 22 February 2012 20:20

We only support morally and politically to Baloch Insurgency: Basheer Zaib Chairman BSO-Azad

Interviewed by Mir Mubarik Ali,

Q: Is it true, that BSO-Azad is armed resistance group rather than a student organization? And this also can be guessed from newspapers statements, too. To which extent do you agree with this statement?

A: No, this is totally misperception. Yes it is true, that Baloch Student Organization-Azad withstanding a student organization working like a mass party and provides support to those armed organization which are fighting for Baloch National Freedom, on this logic that Balochistan has been occupied forcefully by Pakistan and its forgone autonomy can be re-gained only through armed struggle, because only this method has become successive for other oppressed nations of the world. We are determent that only armed struggle can be salvation of Baloch slavery, hence we support this path traveler. Albeit occupant is emitting such impressions that we are involved practically in armed struggle and they are making proportionate this logic for killing our workers and leaders.

Q: BSO-Azad is close ally of BLA (Baloch Liberation Army) or BLF (Balochistan Liberation Front) or your organization is shared with said armed organizations, because BSO is exhibiting student organization but its members are included in fighting organizations for instance Samee Baloch, Tariq Kareem and so on. Do you consider this beneficial for BSO-Azad?

A: I have already told you about relations with BLA or BLF, that we have ideological resemblance with these organizations, but we are working on political ground, the aim is one, only working routes are different. As you said connections with armed organization, so BSO members likewise other field of life of Balochs are getting connected with discussed organizations due to political ripeness. If any government department affiliated Baloch get related with armed organization, then doesn’t it mean that government department is responsible for this. Similarly, BSO members also joined armed organization by their own political maturity, because now each walk of life in Baloch Society realized this fact that only through armed struggle Baloch can undermine and infliction to rival, hence only BSO members are not working in best interest of Baloch, but all fields of life people are involved in it, which is positive act.

Q: In perspective of achievements and failures, BSO-Azad is how much responsible?

A: I don’t like word “fail”, we haven’t failed but advancing to towards victory and in the case of success we wouldn’t say that because of BSO movement haven’t succeeded, be cleared that BSO and Baloch Movement aren’t separate but BSO is an ingredient of Baloch Movement and similarly, Baloch Movement is not an apart body from BSO. Yes, instead of failure you can use word “flaws”, then it is ok, we don’t totally disown flaws, and including BSO each leader of Pro-Independence is responsible for these. Each should present himself for accountability regarding these, and then flaws will be coped. Only making responsible to BSO for these is not fair and in this way flaws or faults never will be removed. Culmination and decay occurs in movements but main objectives are aim and method explanations, and after getting experienced, these flaws or defects can be overwhelmed. Today past’s and present’s experiments are in front of us as like an open book, and getting a lesson from these is very easy for all of us.

Q: National Freedom and ideological struggle or firmness on base of conscious is how much necessary for a movement to make it adherent with masses? BSO-Azad is merely making noise for ideological procedure or really on ground practicing on it?

A: Commitment and struggle as conscious are basic element to be supported by masses, because lacking these movements never gets succeeded. Yes, if BSO-A is merely exhibitive a nationalist organization, then state Pakistan wouldn’t feel soreness from it, and a boy Waheed Balach only 13 years old would never be tortured to death, to whom mercenaries had arrested and constantly tortured him to martyrdom.  BSO-A from foremost day is providing ideological education to Baloch Nation especially youth, and in this way providing fuel to movement. Non-ideological and non-philosophical struggle by itself demises. You can observe that up till now state have martyred 78 members of BSO-A and several have gone on missing, even than youth are in large number including in it without caring of death, in this way they are continuously  advancing toward destination.

Q: By now it is being felt that BSO-A is like other organizations got confined in only media statements. Movement and organization’s principles are merely for showing superior to others or indeed being practiced?

A: such assumptions may be wrong, because of state’s target killing policy we have decided to work underground and secretly, in this way we are continuing to promote freedom philosophy among the youth and Baloch Nation. Prior to this we were conducting rallies, demonstrations and public meetings on surface and through those we were educating and delivering message to people, but now BSO-Azad statement appears rarely in newspapers  contrary to other organizations. By adoption of this policy the state secret agencies and their mercenaries are facing trouble for identifying the BSO-A zonal leaders, but our political activities are continuing without any respite, even we have given momentum in these and result will be obvious to all on suitable time.  As concerning organization up-gradation and complying with organizational codes, hence we are working more on maintenance of discipline than we were. Without organizational process and maintaining discipline, keeping continue of journey toward destination is not tough, but impossible. Each conscious member is well aware of this fact. The organizational up-gradation is our utmost priority. It is wrong that we are superior; we believe that nothing has been done yet; constant struggle is needed to be done. If any organization or individual assumes itself superior then its decay starts from that point, hence we can’t imagine about this that we are superior to all or others.

Q: What are the reasons for abstaining of council session of BSO-A, it is well known that central cabinet takes oath only for two years?

A: It is built-in BSO-A constitution that council session date can be extended while keeping in view the objective circumstances. We have called twice for council session but comrades have extended the date due to several reasons, even now we are engage round the clock in council session’s preparation and are anticipated we will be able to assign a date for it. The venue and date of council session aren’t worrying matter for us, it is organizational domestic matters, anytime and any place comrades can call for council session. Yes, policy and stance are much important and BSO-A has resolute to maintain these. We respect masses demands and desires but we never constitute our policies as desire of any individual. The decisions ever have been made by consultation of organization’s comrades and strugglers, because public demands and desires vary on each junction due to superficial thinking and immaturity in political field. If any organization compiles its policies in follow of desires then they ever face unsafe outcomes.

Q: How can be Baloch Nation United at single platform, because Baloch is divided in various parties and fractions, even now in tribal organizations, these things aren’t detrimental for Baloch National Movement?

A: It is true, few parties and organizations are doing politics for Pakistan merely for their individual and group interests with straying slogans like, self-determination, control on resources, provincial autonomy so on, as well they are creating hindrances in the way of Freedom Movement. These are shaped by state with intention to make vague Baloch program on National level and making of alliance with such elements or including them in Baloch Movement is impossible. In case of alliance with such elements isn’t in interest of Baloch Nation, because these people deliberately being aware of all realities and Baloch destine, keeping away themselves from real politics, but disparately they are supporting state’s politics.

Q: In independent Baloch state Sardars, Nawabs and present pro-imperialist parties how would be dealt and what will be their status, plus what is grantee of this that Nawab and Sardar wouldn’t be king in their territories and don’t oppress the common people?

A: After gaining freedom pro-imperialist parties, Sardars and Nawabs fate will be like itself imperialist. When Baloch get freed and imperialist role will be finished then comprador or nourishing by imperialist’s morsel touts mean pro-imperialist parties, tribal chieftain (Sardars), Duke (Nawabs) dominancy will be finished automatically because everyone knows that these are favoring state because of their status and they have support of state’s army and secret agencies, even in these conditions people are reluctant to comply with them and in case of liberation who will confess their supremacy and how they can make slave the common Baloch? It is crystal clear on entire world these pro-Punjabi tribal chiefs are being controlled by state as like remote control, but contrary to this each tribe man are adherent with Baloch Movement and every tribe received martyrs, too as against the tribal chiefs’ sayings. It means common Balochs have been sidelined from these pro-imperialist parties and tout Sardars. Tomorrow these Baloch Sardars’ fate will be exemplary, these don’t own mandate of Baloch except few fluttering and rejected people with them or those weak-faith people who feel fear from Punjabi and are ‘yes-men’ in courts of these so-called Sardars, but majority of Baloch have separated their ways and joined the Baloch Movement. I declare this tribal system part of state machinery, before now it was used by British here and now is being used by Punujabis. The genuine Sardari and tribal system had vanished-away in era of Sundemen Viceroy. If any Sardar or Nawab is struggling for freedom, hence he has come-out from tribalism and only as a common Baloch he is contributing, otherwise Baloch Nation isn’t impressed from anyone tribal status. In this modern age Baloch youth aren’t giving sacrifices of lives for any tribal personality or sake of his identification.

Q: Iran, Afghanistan, China or America, which one is most threatened for Baloch survival aftermath the deliverance from Punjab?

A: Nations ever have been facing threats toward economic stability and Baloch especially pro-independent forces perceive this aspect troubles and they are also endeavoring to overwhelm or shun to this threat. As above you mentioned some countries, in these one of is Iran. Iran and Pakistan ever had been remained ally of each other and even now they are, and both countries are perpetrating genocide of Baloch. Withstanding occupation on Baloch land, Iran is assisting Pakistan for ongoing series of martyrdom of Balochs. We are, and will in war with Iran. Relations with Afghanistan if be reviewed in mirror of history then we hadn’t contradicts with them and even today isn’t any difference with Afghans. Baloch and Afghan have been living amicably and in future relations will be more strengthened. China and America due to economical benefits are close with Pakistan. China is too much and America because of her needs using Pakistan like a slave. I think China has much threatened for us than America, because presently China is involved with Pakistan in plundering of Baloch resources as equal partner and she will want to keep continue even after leaving of Pakistan from this land.

Q: International community after limited protest is calm toward Baloch, what are the reasons?

A: We ourselves have to protest in large range, today in response of limited protest international community taking notice of prosecutions. Today excluding entire Baloch Nation but only relatives of missing and martyred Balochs pro-independent come on roads and launch provocative protest like Egypt and Tunis then a positive result would be certain. But lack of courage and knowledge in thousand missing persons only one or two families protesting in front of press club and rest of relatives are keeping quite due to threats of secret agencies or standing on door step of state agents and imploring them for release of their beloved. Honored death is better than daily’s imploring and insult. All will have to determine that from imploring to enemy’s fostered agents nothing will be gained, but only remedy of this problem is organized and provocative protest and for what all have to come-out on roads, enemy will kill how many?

Q: To crushing present pro-imperialist Sardars and Nawabs is inevitable?

A: These pro-imperialist tribal chieftains (Sardars) and Dukes (Nawabs) are like cancer ulcer and cancer has only panacea to cut-away limb, otherwise entire body will get infected and death will be ultimate upshot.

Q: Is Baloch being represented on International level as diplomatically and how much achievements have been made in this field?

A: I can’t gauge level of success but representation is being effectively and in a short period entire world got learned about Baloch Issue. Here’s geographical significance is a factor but comrades industry has also can’t be ignored.

Q: Women in other world’s movements taking part as equal to men, hence here also women should be included in armed struggle?

A: Of course, women must take part in armed struggle with men, and it is call of time, too. Baloch women are not deficient than men in each field. It is historical fact that if the other region women can take part in movements, so my mother and sister must be included in the struggle, because they never to be under estimated than other nations’ women. If today in political field women are performing effectively, certainly they in armed struggle can be best soldier and can combat to enemy.

Q: As your saying, BSO-Azad is armless organization, so why Pakistani security agencies are abducting and killing your organization members?

A: Because BSO-Azad clearly and on ideological bases leading freedom program, consequently Baloch Freedom Movement is troublesome for Pakistan and due to this pestering Pakistan is killing our comrades with this intention that youth to be frightened and got abandoned from their stance, but Pakistani forces inhuman acts are assisting us in firmness on our stance and advancement towards resolute program.

Q: For which deficiencies or errors youth are felling in hands of rival as shape of arrest, abducting and embracing martyrdom?

A: These aren’t errors, deficiencies or mistakes but savageness of rival, but it is also fact that few weak points or strategic-flaws are existing among us through that enemy get accessed easily, because she feels hurt extremely from where. Behind the easy access of enemy are several reasons like negligence, irresponsibility, don’t revolutionary but liberal lives, spending life as usual, carelessly use of mobile phone, remaining unaware of enemy cunning and shrewdness acts, don’t abiding organizational discipline and making decisions as desire are reasons behind the getting accessed of enemy and mentioned these weak-points which she avails in her favor, but now these incidents occurred due to our weak-point and have become experiment for us. Human learns from his gaffes.

Q: Can Baloch get and sustain their freedom without foreign assistance?

A: Certainly, we need political, moral, diplomatic support on philanthropic basis and Baloch Geographical Importance also need of world, but situations never remain similar forever and no one knows tomorrow what will happen, hence we have confidence in our national power and can’t depend overall on any power. If our struggle to be strengthened on ideological and philosophical ground, so our emancipation will be sure and we will be able to maintain our freedom, too. If without our own power on dependency of someone we get freedom, then it wouldn’t be beneficial. The war of freedom doesn’t mean only attack on occupant and drive-out her from our land but it also required to educate the masses ideologically that they be civilized citizen and spend lives with justice, peace, prospers and decent way.

Q: In Baloch Society some traditions don’t reflect with basic human rights and pro-independent group have initiated any measure for eradication of these, which are as like dowry (Lub), exchange of girls in marriage cases (Wata Sata), amount against killing (Khoon Baha), passing from fire for proving innocence (Charballi), (Lafi) and so on?

A: Yes, it is fact that in Baloch society some ancient practices have been following which are contradicting of basic human rights. Discussed practices in past were existing abundantly and now presently ratio is low. In ancient time people would felt relieve practicing these, even today conservatives feel satisfaction after performance of these. In the campaign of eradication of these inhuman practices each pro-independent is opposed to these, even we have loath for these and we are making aware of disadvantages to simpleton peoples. Such outdated traditions in this modern age pushing us toward past and backwardness, hence we are preparing ourselves for blunt opposition to these. Circumstances are getting paved and peoples thoughts are changing positively. In upcoming times when power will be in the hands of Balochs then effective laws will be constituted to totally ban on these. Today in the presence of Punjabis these may not be faded-away but we are striving for consciousness of Baloch and without banning on these Balochs withdrew from such negative traditions.

Q: Baloch Movement how much got promoted on international and local levels?

A: Baloch are getting convinced. On initial stages in private discussions topics were different, but today enemy’s savageness and prosecutions are being discussed. Mothers and sisters invocations were for other wants but now they are invocating for success of movement and revocations are for defeat of opponent. Foremost Pakistan Army’s pitiless policies are being cause of promotion of our agenda, and on international level entire world have come to know that Baloch are fighting for their liberation. I believe the civilized world is silently supporting the Baloch.

Q: Why role of downtrodden people or oppressed class like, peasant, labor etcetera isn’t visible in Baloch Movement?

A: You mustn’t compare Balochistan with China and Russia, because here situations are different than China, where completely was agriculture and cultivation, hence peasants’ role was prominent, similarly Russia was industrial and labors’ role was highlight. In Balochistan in some extent agriculture exists but industry at all doesn’t exist, consequently here if any capitalist or wealthy is prosperous in his life but is slave and being counted in the society’s oppressed class, hence on base of this thought each class of life are joint with the movement.

Q: Expected intensity hasn’t seen in Baloch Movement even than martyrdom of Baloch Leaders, like Akbar Khan Bugti, Balach Marri and Chairman Ghulam Mohammad Baloch?

A: Changes in Baloch society have occurred, opinion and thoughts have changed, self confidence and spirit for sacrifice have raised-up, those thoughts have been buried that always workers die and leaders afterward be sold or bargain; because of those leaders sacrifices, today youths without caring of martyrdom by state, fearlessly joining movement. Power is increasing, movement is getting better organized and intensity is raising-up. For time being emotional feelings, reaction or intensity aren’t real aspects of movement but movement gets birth by practice, consciousness and cogitation.

Q: Sometimes we listen, movement is on initial level and sometimes being said it has entered in conclusion level; on which level you consider it and how you identify the levels?

A: Practically and politically level of insurgency indentify in three types; on first level masses be organized in simple way, they be prepared, mentally preparation, ideological education and preparation for practical work. Revolutionaries be trained and provided arms to them. On first level movement has strengthened by occupant and it be ignored in power field, despite this they on some occasion refuse, meanwhile movement gets upgrade and becomes in position “Hit and Run”, during this attacks on enemy, inflict him in loses, save themselves and introduce movement on international level. When movement got introduced internationally then enemy in fear starts move to crush it and increases number of occupant army, using of power, violence, abduction, arrest of political workers, giving incentives, threats and likewise heap made-up, but in reaction movement grows with maturity, effectiveness and gets attention of world toward itself. Sabotage process commences and occupant’s apparatus like army, traitors, resources, installations, appliances, gas, railway, colonials, exploiting education system and state propagating tools comes under attacks and state machinery gets damaged. Meanwhile, the camouflage of state’s army starts; hence it is second level of movement. In secondary position if movement doesn’t face great devastation or accident and leadership don’t be compromise or make wrong decisions, then it enters in third and final phase. In this phase or level movement with great power and organized way fights with state army. Mao Sey Tung says “only triumph can’t be through guerrilla fight but they must have conventional war with state army”.

Q: Can a student organization take responsibility of revolution on its shoulders?

A: If student’s aren’t negligent about society environment and affairs they can perform their duties in smooth way for revolution and freedom, because of being a sensitive section of society, even it would be wrong that only student can lead a revolution. They as well can perform their responsibilities in movement in a beautiful manner.

Q: A student organization can criticize on political parties (whether small in size or not), because students have merely experience of 5 years in political field and is it suits that they declare 50 years seasoned politicians traitor or give decree and certificate of dishonesty?

A: Party be small or big but a common Baloch reserves right to criticize if they misuse Baloch national rights. The criticism if be virtual, with intention of reform then it is positive step. As concern decree or political age, it is sure that hundred percent 50 years seasoned politician are sinless or honest, here several are exempted to be answerable because of being family member and many are given exemption their father or forefather due to senility or reverence. In order to national thoughts and stance if anyone acts against national interest, hence must be accountable of his deeds or itself and each Baloch has right to ask him for misdeeds. Because it is itself guilt that do politics by name of Baloch or struggle for Baloch but make free from being answerable in front of nation. If you talk about decree of turncoats, then they are not declared by any party or BSO but their deeds verdict for them being traitor or turncoat. You go through books worldwide that those who share governing with enemy or make partnership with rival, which political reform is being used for such elements. Today they have apparently colluded in each conspiracy and act of enemy, consequently will traitors be worst than these actors?

Q: Khair Bukhsh Marri said Balochistan’s future is socialism and Dr. Allah Nazar told Baloch has not affiliation with communism, so BSO-Azad what thinks future of this movement?

A: We are struggling for such system that provides prosperity, parity, comfort and justice with quality of giving welfare to Baloch and other humans, too and these requirements as well matches with temperament of Baloch Nation. Baloch Movement’s milestone is laid on Baloch Nationalism progressive and thrives of such thoughts which will be fruitful and helpful for prosperous future of Baloch. It is foremost preference that all Balochs be equal, equal rights on national assets, equal chances of education and health for all, and all walks of life like Sardars, Nawabs, Mirs, Tribal Notables, public, tenet, employees and so on all’s progenies won’t be distinguished in any category and will have equal provision of education and health, thus it is future of Independent Balochistan.

Q: BSO-Azad claims for being progressive organization and rejects bias and racism but it has been observed that organizational works are being on race base and non-Baloch can’t be member of it, as well presently movement disowns even single non-Baloch, why it is alike?

A: No nationalist can deny national prejudice, but we are not persuaded about short-sight. A non-Baloch himself should prove it that he is loyal with this land, as being human get shared in all with Baloch in routine life and in happiness and unhappiness. Don’t thrash out other nations at the time, Baloch and Pashtoon have been living amicably and even today have mild relations than others, despite the critical situation of Balochistan and against the massacre of Baloch by state Pashtoons haven’t supported more than allegations, they haven’t practically protested till today. In Pashtoon areas even for single day shops haven’t been shut-downed. Frontier Corps consisting on majority of Pashtoon and Punjabi is hired frontline force for genocide of Baloch but Pashtoon leaders are keeping quite, hence on which base or criteria Baloch trust in them and consider them part of Baloch. On this condition that someone conceding ground realities to consider Pakistani State their opponent by supporting Baloch, is our friend without distinguishing of their race and nationality.

Q: it seems from Baloch Movement structure, formation and performance that it is only for Balochs’ rights and in future for other nations which option will remain?

A: The main objective is Baloch, but we have respect for all nations and in future mean in Independent Balochistan other nations would be given due status and respect, it is natural truth that human has love for its own nationality, he must cares others feelings, spirit and emotions, hence we have esteem for all humans feelings, only those who supporting pitiless, savage occupant will be dealt mercilessly.

Q: In war foe and friend must be nominated; Baloch domestically fighting with Punjabis, Pashtoon also seeming to be contradicted, Sindhi is bewildered in its matters. Similarly, on international level American imperialist is being combated, China is not acceptable, with Iran already disputes are going on, Afghanistan itself in war conditions, only India remains and she can’t be trustworthy, so in these situations who will be ally of Baloch?

A: Very first, Baloch isn’t fighting for being allied of someone, we are fighting for Baloch National Freedom and second, as nation Baloch has no feud and contradiction with Pashtoon. It is historical fact that circumstance alters, interest diverts, friends converts enemy and enemy in friends. We are vigilant and viewing on all aspects, prior to all our main objective is to prove Baloch an independent, sovereign and dignified Nation on this planet, after this the one who respect the Baloch National Geography and Sovereignty as human being, will be our friend and ally. We are struggling for vanquish of human values, but not for to be subjugated or bowed in front of master or establishment whether it be in shape of Baloch. Freedom is right of human by birth, and for this fundamental right we are ready to sacrifice all.

Q: First time in age of ongoing movement, not only Punjabis but Sindhis and Pashtoons have been killed, while in history of world movements hadn’t been targeted common citizens, eventually what criteria of Baloch Movement is for being revolutionary?

A: I think a naïve or mentally abnormal men can kill common people, especially revolutionary minded person even can’t imagine of this act that he kill any innocent human, albeit opposite of this occupant, who kills innocents citizens merely in sake of interests. If you talking that Baloch armed groups are killing common Pashtoons or Sindhis then they can reply in better way, but I can say this that Baloch organizations not only killing Pashtoon and Sindhis but they are killing even Baloch spies, who are working for state. They are killing to those who are working against Baloch Movement following the agenda of state, and paid spies have no religion and nationality, they solely for their individual interest in avidity of wealth spoils lives of others, such people even don’t forgives their blood related brothers. Mercenaries can’t be called human and it will be degradation of humanity if they be counted as humans. Such elements attribution with any nationality is shameful act. Consequently, each nation should evade defending state spies. You can observe the non-Balochs are employing in far-flung areas of Balochs but they have never been targeted, except those who are involved in aversive activities of Baloch Movement.

Q: Can BSO-Azad be merged in others, for the purpose of students’ rights and training on ideological field regardless parliamentarian or non-parliamentarian and political affiliations?

A: Prior to freedom no one can get rights, demands for educational rights of oppressed is waste of time. Ideology or thoughts are vague, and work in state frame work for its strengthening, then how ideological training can be common? We are to be united on agenda of freedom, first priority and demand is freedom.

Q: Are martyrdom of hundreds Baloch sons beneficial for Movement?

A: Today the martyrdom of youth and olds have given identification to Baloch Movement world wide, and before this, don’t talk of world itself Baloch hadn’t known what is it? Today Baloch have got self-confidence and feelings have raised-up that really we are sons and daughter of brave nation, we can die for our motherland; these feelings are sign of freedom and defeat of enemy. No one wants his beloved relatives and friends to be sacrificed but following to this thought that instead of entire nation extinct from glob, giving of a generation sacrifice isn’t deficit bargain. If get martyred for Motherland it would be meadow of motherland and today’s voluntaries death is better than tomorrows extinct of entire nation, which is more agonizing and problematic.

Q: It is general perception that BSO-Azad expresses insufficient reaction for martyrs and captives, why?

A: Martyrdom and captives are part of movements, hence mourn, lament or plea to enemy are not proportionate. Baloch each act should be like reaction of enemy, which is being as per capacity, but most energy to be exploited for ideological maturity and mental training to manage long-term strategy and shouldn’t let be used efficiencies for minor protests and demonstrations, for this purpose mental preparation, well organizational structuring and national awareness are mandatory features. Through peaceful protest neither bothers to enemy nor world will pay attention. The oppressed must be instigated for provocative protest and masses to be made agree for this and this volcano will burst-out, if not today then do tomorrow.

Q: Analyzing the ground realities do you agree that BSO-Azad will survive for 5 or 10 years?

A: Leap and ebb comes in movements, as well movements become powerless, but it is natural phenomenon that by massacre and violence at all can’t be wiped-out or evaporated entities, and it is proved by history, too. Today you are observing BSO as adventitiously but profound search of it emits another sense, which is opposite to this thinking. Uproar, overcrowd and traditional behaves are visible but in core comrades are getting ripped. State’s every day coercive are providing experiences. Youth goes in press club and announce for inclusion in BSO, which were time requisitions. We have changed our strategy, now youth going but silently, hence peoples are assuming multiply but activities are continuing without recess. We need more toil and on proper time results will be appeared.

Q: Is surface politic possible for pro-independent groups in current situations?

A: Method must be revolutionary and in non-common way instead of large gatherings in small numbered meeting thoughts can be conveyed. In some extent invisibly from rival lectures can be delivered to masses for rousing and enemy can’t get accessed easily. Knowing the strategy of enemy and in mild circumstances constantly struggle can repulse the rival at each step.

Q: Being leader why you people erected such policies that surface politics become impracticable?

A: If someone calls radish to carrot and carrot to radish, it mean he is stupid, otherwise he is disguised and deceiving the people. Baloch issue is historical and on the base of realities it is national subjugation and redemption or salvation is national freedom. If we don’t say for freedom and don’t rouse conscious for it, as well don’t consider enemy to occupant then you tell what should be policies of BSO except these, if it is historical fact for what BSO have molded its policies, so it is also certain enemy reacts. How should we talk like others to salvation of problems in Pakistani state circle, we put all historical facts on behind because of state prosecutions. Regain of Baloch lost state status on historical facts and truth only way is to struggle and bravely face each torture of state. While ignoring the savage acts of state mean is reserving of soft corner or showing sympathy for her, and criticizing on BSO isn’t fair because this organization has adopted way of truth.

Q: It doesn’t seem you that due to BSO-Azad’s current policies organization’s main objectives are going in vain?

A: Organization has been formed for Baloch Nation and with purpose of struggle; it isn’t being wasted for any individual. Today Balochs’ vision has broadened and they have come-out from a confined circle thoughts of past, as well now perceived situations that what will happen tomorrow on motherland. There is great deal of organization’s policies for this entire maturity wave rising in ideology and thoughts. This process has slowly with ripeness got converted in practical struggle; we have to resurrect national spirits. National spirits’ culmination is national struggle and in national struggle, freedom of nation is hidden.

Q: Do you have any strategy, mode or prescription that youths’ this series of abduction and martyrdom in hands of opponent be stopped?

A: Unless occupant and its mercenaries or agents impure existence remains on motherland, they will face loses and trouble in war of freedom and series of arrest, abduction and martyrdom instead of getting slow-down will be accelerated, which will bring nearer defeat of rival. It is understood that occupant for prolonging its hegemony will commit tyrannies on motherland. We are doing our best that youth must not fell easily in bloodiest claw of enemy. Youth consider their lives nations’ entrust and prudently, skillfully process to ahead by their day and night struggle. In this way they get civilized world attention toward cruelness and prosecution on Baloch, hence world ought to intervene for stoppage of oppresses and provision of national emancipation.

Q: In current agonizing situations how BSO-A members work that against slender loses attain great benefits for nation?

A: A single ideological comrade is over-valued than thousands of paid-soldiers and agents, because a revolutionary’s life isn’t valuable for this that he is our comrade but with his life and death an entire generation’s life and death are linked. In opposite enemy’s soldier and agents merely works against the money, hence in order to this we have done as like, too and outstandingly followed codes, revolutionary manner to act and inflict opponent in major loses. Movement is name of national lose and benefits, we ever for grabbing much benefits have delivered a policy to comrades, of course this modus operandi can’t be disclosed in media and enemy got aware of this.

Q: If Pakistan invites BSO-Azad for negotiations then . . .?

A: BSO isn’t as whole movement that it negotiate on national issue, either BSO or other any single force have authority of this, as concern BSO stance about negotiations then we have cleared from first day that we didn’t have any relation with Pakistan nor is—history of 64 years she has been dominating on us by force, and getting rid-off from this occupation we appeal to civilized world they mediate between us on base of philanthropic.

Q: There isn’t contradiction in sayings and acts of BSO-Azad that it completely disapproves Pakistani educational system but in colleges and universities displays fancy banner for enrollment?

A: It depends on ideology, her educational curricula is also false. In order to education state’s agents have been propagating against BSO that we haven’t made any feat except to distant youth from education, but our comrade have refuted this and informed youth that these educational institutes are of Pakistan but resources are of Baloch by that these instates have erected and functioning, hence they study and acquire knowledge to promote Baloch ideology and mindset, in this way they sway to world that Pakistani propaganda is untrue. Baloch being doctor, engineer, advocate, professor are ready for dying in sake of freedom. Freedom Movement is running on base of conscious struggle. Baloch are not enticed or misled, hence they are fighting. We even today say that without knowledge struggle is fruitless and detrimental. But education doesn’t mean to be servant of Pakistan and spend day and night merely comfort of their families. Education lacking characteristic of collectives’ interest is worthless.

Q: On current stage of Baloch National Movement how do you see the role of Baloch Intellectuals?

A: Up till now we are facing troubles for this that who is eligible for being intellectual. Reading of books and sitting at home writing of columns isn’t criteria for intellectuality. Except Saba Dashteyari no one is performing sincerely, truly and fearlessly. Following on footsteps of Saba Dashteyari to prove for being knowledgeable, intellectual with practicing practical is authentication of this position.

Q: Up till now around 100 members of BSO-Azad have been martyred and abducted, so you don’t feel organization should with reviewing its policies go underground?

A: Leading ahead of freedom thought, knowledge and making masses aware about their slavery, knotting struggle with publics’ feelings and likewise using of other tactics to don’t let rival for soft achievements including underground policy aren’t alien, but it is critical that mustn’t disjoint from masses, because success only can be certain by conscious and awaken of people.

Q: Each human or leader despises from something and behaves and you being leader of organization contempt which things and acts?

A: One thing I want to tell you that I am very dwarf as politically, but those famous leaders who proclaim for being leader aren’t eligible for leadership if they be tested of realistic, sincerity, honesty, labor, intention, venture and unselfishness. To learning quality of leadership, we have to go through history of great leaders and their sincerity, honesty, toil, venture and unselfishness role to be scaled, aftermath verdict can be provided. Nelson Mandela, HochiMin, Mao Sey Tung, Che Guera, Cum All Sang, Jozey Marti have proved that discarding selfishness, egoism, prejudice, narrow minded and bigotry can be ruled on the hearts and minds of people by diligence of day and night for achievement of objectives. Yes, being human I despise slavery whether it be of individual or entire nation, I count slavery sin because freedom is natural right of each human. Selfishness, considering themselves noble, senselessness, sluggish, negligence, liberal-minded, denying from weakness or errors but be obdurate, in short such attitudes I dislike strongly, if a mine family member owns these adjectives then I will hate of my entity, and if any close friend keeps these then distances between us will go-up, because these attitudes are averse of revolution and a revolutionary. We must hate for each counter revolutionary acts



Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 February 2012 20:24
Baba-e-Baloch "Nawab Khair Baksh Marri" PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 15 February 2012 15:11
Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 February 2012 15:14
Aged father of slain BSO-Azad activist target killed by Pakistani death squad PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 22 February 2012 19:37

Aged father of slain BSO-Azad activist target killed by Pakistani death squad

Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani military agents target killed another well-known trader Hafiz Abdul Qadir in Jilani Chowk, Khuzdar district of Balochistan on Thursday.

According to police, Hafiz Abdul Qadir was buying vegetables on the Jinnah Road near Jilani Chowk when unknown armed men open indiscriminate firing at him killing him instantly.

According to eye-witnesses account two persons riding a motorcycle target killed Hafiz Abdul Qadir, and the killers were seen straight going to an FC camp after committing the brutal murder.

The body of the victim was handed over to his relatives for burial after legal formalities were completed.

Hafiz Abdul Qadir was the father of BSO-Azad’s slain activist Sami Mengal, who was whisked away by the Pakistani intelligence agencies on 01/10/2010 and his bullet riddled body was found on 17/10/2010 from Ferozabad, Khuzdar.

It is pertinent to remember that on February 3, 2012 Pakistani forces target killed Muhammad Ramzan Zehri, the father of BSO Azad's youngest martyred member Majeed Zehri.

Pakistani military/ISI after applying all brutal methods by killing the Baloch youths under custody, now target killing the family members of Baloch political and student activists. Pakistani intelligence agencies continue to threat Baloch political activists to withdraw from the struggle for Baloch national liberation otherwise their family members will be abducted or killed.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 February 2012 19:40
Shaheed Sana Sanghat Baloch PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 13 February 2012 14:00
Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 February 2012 15:26
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