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Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 07 June 2009 12:29

Aims And Objectives of The Baloch Students Organization - Azaad


The Aims And Objectives of The Baloch Students Organization - Azaad are as follows:


  • To Struggle for the Baloch national liberation and for the restoration of independent and sovereign Baloch national state.
  • To Organize Baloch students on one platform and to bring apprehension of necessity of organize struggle for the hatred of national vassalage and for national emancipation in order to Baloch play a well role in the struggle of national liberation.
  • To bring national consciousness in Baloch students and youth, to avert them from drug addiction and social and moral mischievous.
  • As a national languages to struggle for the promotion and circulation of Balochi and Brauhi language.
  • To struggle on scientific grounds to educate for critical and creative abilities in Baloch students.
  • To promote conscious in Baloch students for Baloch history, civilization and culture.
  • To struggle on scientific grounds in light of principles and regulations of evolution for national liberation.
  • To struggle against tribal, feudal, pre-capitalist means of productions, religious, linguistics and racial sectarianism and to create in students the national, class and social conscious for the future guidance and leadership.
  • To splendor / glory / prosper the ideological unanimity or B.S.O. with other international progressive students community.
  • To struggle for development / promotion of civilization of Balochistan and culture and bring inclination / keenness regarding Balochi language, literature and Baloch nation’s other regional languages literature in Baloch students.
  • For achievements of instance / immediate and long-term goals of working class Baloch people to struggle along with labours, fisherman, peasants, youths, social and democratic organization of women and other progressive forces.
  • For strengthening the international peace to support the national liberation movements of the world even support ideologically and practically forces action against imperialism, colonialism and  oppressing system of neo-colonialism, different shapes of racism, fascism and retrogressive.
  • To struggle for the reformation of Baloch national units on historical and geographical grounds.

Code of Ethics

  1. Because different colonial power has been forcibly occupied the Baloch land that is why any member of B.S.O directly or indirectly can not participate in any institutions (including parliament+NGO) of grasping states of Baloch land.
  2. Instead of being of follower organization of any political or other party B.S.O will work as a free and independent organization.

  3. In organization the solution of all the central level differences will be sorted out by central committee. Beside this the use of negative steps, grouping and spreading confusion in organization will be not be allowed.
  4. The central committee will have the authority to make policy in immediate national matters / issues. Certainly in emergency situation central chairman of organization can make the policy by consultation of senior-voice chairman and secretary general, later which will be verify by the central committee. 

 Organization independence means:

  • All decision will be make in concerned institutions of organization and in process of decision making any kind of external pressure will not be acceptable.
  • For economical recourses instead of depending on any other party the way of economical self-sufficiency will be followed.
  • Organization will not play the role of spokesman of any other party that is why any member of organization will not recite / publish / propagate the issues of any other party.
  • Organization in any way will not assist / help in organization matters of any other party.


  • Any Baloch Student who ideologically and practically agree with the aims and objectives of organization, by filling up the membership form and paying the membership fee can be a member of organization.
  • Any member of B.S.O can not be the member of any other organization.
  • Every member will have all the rights and privileges of organization and follow the rules and regulations.
  • If any member (including member of basic or upper institutions) violates the basic aims and objectives and moral code of organization then basic membership will end.
  • If any member violates the administration affairs of organization or harm / damage the interest of organization by his / her  word and deed the zonal general body will have authority to recommend to chairman against his / her by two third majority.

Revolution Revolution Till Victory


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